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PMDD Partners Breakup Proof Journal

PMDD Partners Breakup Proof Journal

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Every Month PMDD Partners of PMDD Sufferers struggle to know what to do in their relationship when PMDD arrives. They become frustrated because they feel like they can’t do anything right. They want to be a supportive PMDD Partner but they just don’t know how because what we need in PMDD changes on a daily basis. I have finally created the most customized tool for PMDD Partners! A Daily Journal that gives PMDD Partners insight into what their partner who is suffering with PMDD is going through every single day. In this journal the PMDD sufferer will be able to share exactly how they are feeling especially on days when they are so overwhelmed that they can’t express it verbally. PMDD Partners No more wondering whether your partner is in PMDD or in their Follicular AKA their Good days. No more walking on eggshells and feeling helpless not knowing how to support your partner who suffering with PMDD. No more being frustrated over what your Partner really needs on a daily basis. Most of all No More PMDD Monthly Breakups. This Journal was created from years of working privately with PMDD Partners and finding out specifically what they need when PMDD comes. I urge you to go get your copy of this PMDD Partners Journal and begin the next step in Breakup-Proofing Your PMDD Relationship. You will not find anything like this customized specifically to PMDD Partners. And as we all know when PMDD comes, we need specific tools for it or else here comes the PMDD Monthly Breakups and this will definitely help get rid of those!


                                                                                   We Got This!

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