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PMDD Partners I see you…I feel you…I have struggled with PMDD every month for over 15 years just like you!

You go through PMDD EVERY single month and it keeps damages your Relationship to the point that you wonder soooo many things!

Should I breakup with my Partner?

Will being single help ease my PMDD symptoms?

Am I ruining my PMDD Partner’s Life?

Am I really this horrible person that PMDD brings out of me?

Will I EVER be able to go a month of PMDD without damaging my relationship?

Can we ever repair the damage that PMDD has caused?


You feel frustrated, helpless, and so distant from the relationship that you have with your partner when PMDD is not there.


PMDD Rage has a way of making the worst parts of us be shown to our partner and guess what…it’s not even how we really feel about them or the relationship!

It’s NOT you!! You are NOT a bad person!!


It is PMDD!!!

(Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) 

I know that you really do love and care for your partner and that is why you are here to find tools and a solution to navigating your PMDD Relationship

I am here to tell you….

You CAN have the Supportive Relationship you Desire and Deserve having PMDD!!

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You are Not Alone!

I Suffer with PMDD Monthly too!

You are not too Damaged with PMDD!

You CAN have PMDD &

a Supportive Relationship!!

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